Avengers Assemble
The Avengers
Artist Various
Released 2012
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Label Hollywood Records
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Tracks 13
Singles n/a

In March 2012, American alternative rock band Soundgarden announced through their official Facebook page that they have written a song to be included on the film's soundtrack, entitled "Live to Rise". Additionally, Indian rock band Agnee released a music video for their single "Hello Andhero", which will serve as the theme song for the Indian release of the film. The following day, Marvel released the album's full tracklisting, which was released by Hollywood Records on May 1, 2012. A cover of AC/DC's song "Shoot to Thrill", performed by Theory of a Deadman, was originally to be included on the album.

Evanescence's song New Way To Bleed was featured on the album.


1. Live to Rise by Soundgarden 4:40
2. I'm Alive by Shinedown 3:39
3. Dirt and Roses by Rise Against 3:14
4. Even If I Could by Papa Roach 3:16
5. Unbroken by Black Veil Brides 3:27
6. Breath by Scott Weiland 3:17
7. Comeback by Redlight King 3:39
8. Into the Blue by Bush 4:15
9. New Way To Bleed (Photek Remix) by Evanescence 4:00
10. Count Me Out by PusherJones 4:37
11. Wherever I Go by Buckcherry 4:13
12. From Out of Nowhere (Faith No More cover) by Death Punch 3:23
13. Shake the Ground by Cherri Bomb 2:40

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