EvBoard was the first major fan message board and is proud to be one of the only Evanescence message boards to feature posts by the members of the band. There have been a couple of versions of the board that date back as early as 1999 as an affiliate of [exodus] evanescence (now disbanded) run by the gabe and TOB (the other Ben). EvBoard's life is long-lived and spans the entire career of Evanescence's success. Changes in the lineup of the band and different circumstances led to an eventual disinterest in the board by band members and in 2006, (just around the release date of The Open Door) was created by Amy Lee as an alternative fan board thus marking the end of the band's official affiliation with the website.

In July 2003, EvBoard had just over 3,500 members. EvBoard now has well over 22,000 members and remains active in spite of it's bumpy history and less-than-desirable reputation.

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