Evanescence EP
Evanescence EP cover
Artist Evanescence
Released 1998
Recorded 1995-1998 (Sound Asleep Studios)
Genre Alternative rock
Label Bigwig Enterprises
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Tracks 7
Singles None
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Evanescence EP is the first EP by Evanescence. It was released by Amy Lee and Ben Moody in 1998 at a concert at Vino's in Little Rock, Arkansas, as a printed CD-R. The EP sold out that night.

Evanescence EP is very rare; only 100 copies were made.

The cover features the sculpture Angel of Grief by William Wetmore Story.

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Where Will You Go" (Evanescence EP version) n/a
2. "Solitude" n/a
3. "Imaginary" (Evanescence EP version) n/a
4. "Exodus" 3:03
5. "So Close" n/a
6. "Understanding" n/a
7. "The End" n/a


No. Title Length
1. "My Immortal" (Evanescence EP version) n/a
2. "Give Unto Me" n/a
3. "October" n/a
4. "Understanding" (acoustic) n/a

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