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"Everybody's Fool" is a music video for the same-titled song by Evanescence. It was directed by Philip Stolzl and filmed in mid-2004 in Los Angeles. The video is about a fictional model (played by Amy Lee) who plays various acting roles on commercials that promote "Lies" products (pizzas, energy drinks, Japanese dolls, etc). Under the facade, Amy's character turns out to be unhappy with how she is portrayed on television, and expresses deep regret for selling Lies.

Background Edit

Lee conceptualized the video around the lyrics to the song:

"It's kind of about exposing that it's fake. And the video's more along the lines of exposing the real behind-the-scenes [lives] of some of these people. It's basically showing the glamorous lifestyle and the depressed, selfish misery behind it. It's like beating a dead horse at this point, but at the time Britney Spears was just coming out. But I still think it's relevant." 

Joe D'Angelo of MTV News wrote that "fans will get to see Amy Lee like never before. Instead of her homemade wings and signature gothic garb, the clip finds Lee dressed alternately as a wholesome teenager, a kitschy pop idol and a softly lit glamazon." 

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