Lost Whispers
Lost Whispers
Artist Evanescence
Released January 25th 2017
Recorded 2002-2016
Genre Nu metal, alternative
Label The Bicycle Music Company
Length n/a
Tracks 12
Singles n/a
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Lost Whispers is an album that was released as part of Evanescence - The Ultimate Collection and also seperately as its own album on iTunes. It contains several B side songs along with a remade version of "Even in Death".

Track Listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Lost Whispers" 0:58
2. "Even in Death" (2016) 4:09
3. "Missing" n/a
4. "Farther Away" n/a
5. "Breathe No More" n/a
6. "If You Don't Mind" n/a
7. "Together Again" n/a
8. "The Last Song I'm Wasting On You" n/a
9. "A New Way To Bleed" n/a
10. "Say You Will" n/a
11. "Disappear" n/a
12. "Secret Door" n/a

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