Pearl Masterworcks is a drum set used by Will Hunt. It's a matte black; gloss black hardware type.

Drum PartsEdit

1. 26" X 26" Bass Drum

2. 14" X 6.5" Reference or Ultra-Cast Snare

3. 12" X 9" Tom(montato su supporto)

4. 16" X 16" Floor Tom 5. 18" X 16" Floor Tom

Cymbals: Zildjian Z3

A. 14" Hi-Hat

B. 18" Medium Crash

C. 12" Splash

D. 18" Rock Crash

E. 21" Mega Bell Ride

F. 19" Medium Crash

G. 19" Thrash Ride

H. 18" China

Electronics: Roland

I. PD-8 Pad

J. FD-8 Pedal

Will also use Pearl 1000 series hardware, Pearl Eliminator double pedal, and Pearl Redbox module, Pintech triggers, Remo heads, and Vater Virgil Domati Assault sticks.

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