Soul Embraced


United States

Years Active


Band Members

  • Rocky Gray
  • Jack Wiese
  • Jeff Bowie
  • Past Members

    No information

    Soul Embraced is a band that former Evanescence members Rocky Gray and John LeCompt have performed for. Rocky Gray originally played guitar and did vocals when the band formed in 1997. In 1999, he reformed the band and played only guitar while Chad Moore took over on vocals. Evanescence covered Soul Embraced's song 'My Tourniquet' from their 'For The Incomplete' album and it was released on Fallen as 'Tourniquet'. John LeCompt was a featured vocalist on a track called 'Seems Like Forever' off of the album 'Immune.'

    The band had apparently broken up in 2003 while Rocky was busy with Evanescence but in 2006 announced new band members Jack Wiese and Jeff Bowie. They started putting new songs on their MySpace page in December 2006. The newest songs had originally been written for Rocky's other project, The Burning, but they decided to use them for the new Soul Embraced songs instead. According to the band's MySpace page, 7 songs have been recorded for their new album which is tentatively titled 'I Am The Dead'. It is currently scheduled for a summer 2007 release and the band is also in negotiations with a record label.

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