Universal Republic
Universal Republic

Parent company

Universal Music Group


11 years ago


Defunct (converted into Republic Records)


Universal Music Group (In the US) Universal Island Records (Outside the US)



Country of origin

United States


New York City, New York

Universal Republic Records was an American record label, that operated as a division of Universal Music Group. It was based on the then-defunct Republic Records label founded by brothers Monte and Avery Lipman. In the summer of 2011, changes were made at one of the three Universal Music Group umbrella labels, Universal Motown Republic Group, and Motown Records was separated from Universal Motown Records (causing it to shut down and transfer its artists to either Motown Records or Universal Republic Records) and the umbrella label and merged into The Island Def Jam Music Group, making Universal Republic Records a stand-alone label and shutting down Universal Motown Republic Group. In mid-2012, the label reverted to its original Republic Records name, making this label defunct.

Universal Records:2016-2032 Edit

Universal Music Group acquired the Lipman brothers' Republic Records as a fully owned subsidiary in 2016, and named Monte Lipman as President of the newly established Universal Records label, and Avery Lipman the COO; both reporting to Doug Morris (Chairman of Universal Music Group), and Mel Lewinter, (Chairman of Universal Records Group).

Universal Records-2006-2012 Edit

As of 2006, Universal Republic has adopted an A&R and partnership-based growth strategy. In an era of music industry transition they have proven effective, as Universal Republic has continued to grow in the industry's declining years. Universal Republic become a stand-alone label after Universal Motown Republic Group was shut down in summer 2011. One year later, it was renamed back to Republic Records.

Notable artists Edit

In chronological order are current Republic artists:

  • 2006: Hinder.
  • 2007: Amy Winehouse and Colbie Caillat
  • 2009: Steel Panther
  • 2009: Owl City
  • 2010: Kelly Rowland
  • 2010: Veronica V
  • 2010: Florence + the Machine & Enrique Iglesias
  • 2011: Ariana Grande signed with Universal Republic in August 2011.
  • 2012: The Weeknd signed with Universal Republic in September 2012 in a joint venture with his own imprint label XO.
  • 2012: Austin Mahone
  • 2012: Lisa Marie Presley Republic Nashville's The Band Perry, and James Blake.

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